Here. Now.

Here. Now.

The Bible doesn't say it outright, but it's there. 
You won't find it in the back glossary or in bold letters as a heading. 

It's found sandwiched between Jesus' teaching to "not be anxious about tomorrow.." and Paul's explanation of "forgetting what lies behind.."

It's right there. Do you see it?
Be present. Be present. Be present. 

I know, I know.
That sounds so...vague and new agey. But stick with me.

There is something undeniably different and powerful about being able to live in the present, untangled from the past and unbothered by the future. It just sounds like the way God would want His people to live. And, possibly to our surprise, it is precisely what He has in mind for them. 

It happens when you are so overhwleminlgy content with the love of God that fear and guilt melt away. It happens when you so trust that God is actively working behind the scenes for your good that anxiety dwindles. But it's not just that these feelings and emotions go-away, they are replaced. With what, you may ask? Well, it only makes sense that fear, guilt, anxiety and worry would only, and COULD only, be replaced by something far greater, far stronger, far purer - the PEACE of God. 

I have begun to taste and experience this recently and it has done WONDERS to my racing mind, anxious heart and aching soul. In moments where I am tempted to worry about the future, the what-ifs and what-could-bes, I preach to myself. Yes, I talk to my soul, remind it of the goodness of God, remind myself of the importance of not being distracted from the moment I am currently in. I remind myself that the future is not ahead of God but behind Him. I remind myself that the past is not over God but beneath Him. This gives me the capacity to overcome any guilt/frustration from the past and worry for the future. I can experience deeper joy in the present when I allow the peace of God to replace the fears and worries of tomorrow. 

That is where PEACE comes from. Special breathing techniques may calm your heartbeat but it will only be the good news of a lovingly powerful King that rules over all things that will give real, tangible rest. Trust me, being present is such a freeing feeling. FREEING. Yes. It's the one word I am using more than any other right now to describe how I feel. I'm not caught up in what people think of me, what I have done or haven't done in the past, or what may or may not happen tomorrow. It doesn't just feel right, it feels necessary - the way Jesus would desire us to live, fully engaging and enjoying Him, His people and His creation. 

Be present in the here and now. 
Preach to your soul and receive the peace of God.