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The Proof

Christopher StitesComment
The Proof

I am selfish.
I want things to go my way.
I want people to do things for me.
I want life to make me happy.
I want to be praised and applauded.
I want to be made much of and looked up to.

And this is precisely why my life is proof that God is real.
In fact, every Christian is living proof of God's existence, activity and power.

Before my ears heard the Gospel and my heart believed in Jesus, I lived for me and me only. Even the times I showed outward signs of love and kindness to others were, underneath it all, a way to bolster up my image and beckon applause. Sure there was good, but it was rooted in the worship of and service to the one on the throne, me.

Then I heard the Gospel.
And something crazy happened.

I began to worship God, not myself.
I spent time singing songs making much of God.
I spent money making much of God.
I spent time reading a book ultimately about God.
I began doing things to the end of praising God.

But that isn't the most amazing thing that happened.
The miracle was not merely in the act of worship but my delight in doing so.

To cause selfish, narcissistic, self-consumed, prideful people to not only make it their life's aim to give praise to someone other than themselves but to also delight and find satisfaction in doing so is nothing short of a miracle and proof of God's work.

Yes, the intricately designed world we live in is proof of God.
Yes, the healing of broken bodies are proof of God.

But another proof of God is the once self-worshipping and magnifying heart turned to live for the sole worship of God. What else can change a heart in such drastic ways?

Once I was filled and satisfied by serving my agenda.
Now I find myself filled and satisfied by giving praise to God.
By telling Him how worthy and wonderful He is.
By proclaiming how beautiful and kind He is.
By thanking Him for the grace He has shown me.
If that is not a miracle of the love of God to change hearts !!!

Christian, your re-orineted heart that delights in worshiping God should cause you to be assured that God really has done something real and amazing in your life.

Un-believer, I hope you can take a sober look at your own life and then at the true and genuine life of a Christian and see the difference. It wasn't wrought by our own power. It wasn't because we were so good. It was an act of God!

We worship God and delight in doing so solely because we have seen and continue to see glimpses of His beauty, kindness, mercy, power, justice and faithfulness.

Once you see this kind of beauty, there is no turning back.