Write It Down

Write It Down

Life happens fast.
We move from Monday to Friday in what seems like a snap of the finger at times.
From meeting to meeting. 
From interaction to interaction.
From task to task.

So much to do. So much to comprehend.
So much to think about.
So much that happens everyday.

One of the dangers in it all is our ability to really slow down enough to process what is happening. I have read a lot from leaders and innovators and one of the common threads is their ability to slow down enough to deliberately process and think through things.

It's not that we don't know how to do this.
It's that we aren't convinced it's necessary.
But I want to make a case that it is.

Necessary if you want to grow.
Necessary if you want to mature.
Necessary if you want to lead people well.

The simple act of writing down reflections is priceless.
Whether it be a blog, a journal, etc.
Are you writing down your thoughts, feelings, lessons your learning?
How are you chewing on all that takes place in your life?

Chances are that if you aren't taking time to process something, it won't take deep root in your life. And we all want things to move past surface to heart level. This is one way to make sure it starts that journey in the right direction.

That is one of the main reasons why I blog (and why I am starting back again).
This first and foremost is for me. So I can process what I am learning.
So I can craft milestones for what God is doing in me.
So I can write, delete, think and write out what I am growing through.

That's also why I started writing in a physical journal.
Simple lessons on how to lead people and live a Godly life.
Lessons I learn from watching other people live and lead.

God has placed Godly men and women in my life.
Part of being a good steward of that gift is doing what I can to observe and learn from them to the end goal of loving people and Jesus more!

I challenge and encourage you to do the same.
Start a journal. Start a blog. Start a note on your phone.
Write. Reflect. Process. Think.
God will bless it and you will grow because of it.