I get tired of listening to the same songs.
I get tired of sitting in traffic.
I get tired of eating the same food.
I get tired of reading the same books to my kids.
I get tired of seeing the same headlines in the news.
I get tired of a lot of things over a period of time.
Even good things...

But there is one thing in my life that is different.
One thing that never gets old.
One thing that never seems to fade.

It's something I sing about weekly.
It's something I trust in daily.
It's something I read about often.
It's something I think about continually.

The good news of Jesus' love, mercy, power and grace is inexhaustible. 

That the God of the Universe would see me and care for me.
That He would love me and die for me.
That He would live in me and change me.
That He would lead me and provide for me.
That He would bring me to Himself - for an eternity!

It never gets old.

I will not grow weary of singing about His work.
His grace does not generalize.
His mercies do not minimize.
His love does not lack.
His forgiveness does not fade.

I've been singing about the same cross...
I've been singing about the same resurrection...
I've been singing about the same forgiveness...
I've been singing about the same mercy...
Every week, multiple times, for over 11 years...
And never has it gotten old, played our or exhausted. 

I suspect that in year 1.7 million of Heaven, I will vouch for this.
Until then, I will remain in awe of this shockingly glorious gift!