Filled By Faith

Filled By Faith

I was taught that saving faith is a simple trust - a believing in who Jesus says He is and what Jesus has done through His life, death and resurrection. 

I agree with that definition wholeheartedly.
But I also think there's another layer to it.

Jesus said in John 6:35 - "Whoever comes to me shall not hunger and whoever believes in me shall never thirst." I always took that to mean the basic implication that Jesus satisfies. What I failed to connect was that Jesus was not only inviting us to believe but describing to us what belief looked like.

"Whoever believes in me shall never thirst."

Do you see it?
Whoever has faith in me will no longer thirst.
In other words, whoever has faith in me will be satisfied with me.

Yes, saving faith is a simple trust, so simple that a child can believe in Jesus.
But saving faith is also an increasing satisfaction in Jesus - the kind of satisfaction that gradually fills you so that you no longer look to other things to fill you.

This means that faith in Jesus is not just an act you did in the past when you first became a Christian, but an activity you do everyday as you come to Jesus to feast!

This means that when we doubt, we aren't just not believing in something, we are not being filled by someone, namely Jesus. 

This means that you aren't just believing that the water and bread are real, you are coming to the water and bread to drink and eat!

Faith isn't just believing in Jesus but coming to Jesus to be filled by Jesus!

Exercise your faith today; go to Jesus and feast - He will be faithful to fill you!