Ministry Rest

Ministry Rest


Jesus didn't do everything.

Let me preface that statement; Jesus didn't do everything while on earth. That rattles my understanding of being a Christian. That rattles my understanding of being a Pastor.

If anyone could have healed every person, preached to every crowd, fed every village, rebuked every false teaching, it would have been Jesus. But Jesus didn't. And that seems to rub up against my (dare I say our) fast-paced, do-more, stuff-the-calendar way of living.

Think about this. Jesus didn't start His public ministry of announcing and demonstrating the Kingdom of God until the age of 30. If this was any other person in the world, that wouldn't seem as shocking. But for the guy who claimed (and was) God in the flesh, missing all those precious years of influence and opportunity seems outrageously wasteful. 

But I think a point among many others is strikingly clear; Jesus' life shows us that opportunity doesn't always equal necessity. Does this mean Jesus never mentioned the Kingdom of God and influenced people before that. No. But there is a very clear and compelling distinction between the years before 30 and the few years that followed after.

Jesus' life shows us that opportunity doesn't always equal necessity

Oh how it is so easy to pick up a "Messiah Complex" and think that without our efforts, our thoughts, our attendance, our [fill in the blank] things will not get done, the ball will not move forward, the Kingdom will not grow. Oh how twisted and far from the truth.

I love Jesus. He does things that just don't make sense to us.

The scene can be found in the Gospel of Mark (1:28-39). [You should turn there now and read it, seriously!] Jesus' fame was beginning to spread and the people began to bring all who were sick and oppressed to him for healing. Mark writes "and the whole city was gathered together at the door" (v. 33). Yes, the whole city. That is a lot of people, a lot of need.

Mark writes that he healed many. Yes, we would expect that from Jesus. But we wouldn't expect what happened next.

Mark continues to write that Jesus rose very early the next morning before sunrise to desolate place, away from the crowds, and prayed by himself. Now you may be thinking - well, Jesus must have been finished, he must have healed everyone that needed healing.


Look at v.37 - "and they (the disciples) found him and said to him 'Everyone is looking of for you.'" 

Everyone was looking for Jesus!

That implies that Jesus didn't heal everyone.
That means that Jesus ...wait for it... didn't meet every need.

How shocking! Just let that sink in...

This doesn't mean calling your leader or Pastor and leaving the team so you can go and just binge watch Netflix for a week because I told you that Jesus rested from serving others and meeting needs. The rest that Jesus took was to get away from others so he could commune with the Father. He prioritized communion with the Father over the pressing call of the crowds.

Will you prioritize in the same way?

The crowds will always be there.
Everyone will always be looking for Jesus, for help, for you.
But what you need to also know is that God is looking for you!

Be like Jesus. Push pause and go be alone with the Father.
Find rest for your soul.