Beautiful Friday

Beautiful Friday


It just doesn't make sense.
Not when you slow down enough to read it, I mean really read it.

How can Jesus, the most innocent man to ever put flesh to dirt go through this? Even more so, how can Jesus, God of E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G., let sinners do this to him?

He was so innocent that even Judas, the man who betrayed him for a measly 5 weeks of income, hung himself and took his life because he knew there was no guilt in Jesus. Think of that. 

When asked by Pilate, the governor, to defend himself he kept silent. So silent that the Bible says Pilate was "greatly amazed." Why? Because if you are innocent, as Pilate knew Jesus was, you would defend, give evidence, make arguments, etc. But Jesus kept silent.

"He was led like a sheep to slaughter, and like a lamb before its shearer is silent, so HE DID NOT OPEN HIS MOUTH" (Acts 8:32)

He submitted himself to unruly mocking, to false accusations, to an unjust trial, to an undeserved death. 

Why? How could this be? Stop and think.
Don't rush past this question. 

There has never been a more dark and violent day in the history of this world. The unjust murder of the perfect and all powerful Son of God. 

Yet there has never been a day with more beauty.
How beautiful is it that God would submit himself to such torture in order to save His own people from their own demise and destruction. OH HOW BEAUTIFUL. HOW BEAUTIFUL.

Today is not a day to grieve. It is a day to be in awe.
It is a day, like most everyday should be, a time to gaze at the face of grace and respond in life-altering worship! There will never be a more shocking reality than this - God dying in the place of sinners. And it will never get old, for it will be the anthem of His people for all of eternity. How can it be anything else - what else is more amazing and undeserved and powerful than this?


Jesus' death is your door to life.
Don't just stand there and stare at it - walk through it.
You are clean from sin, shame, guilt, condemnation, punishment.
God is for you and makes His home in you through your faith in Jesus!

Worship today, your God is worth every ounce you can muster and more!