Grind The Vision

Grind The Vision

It’s okay to not know what the future will look like.
It’s not okay to have a lack of vision. 

Let me give you a glimpse into what this looks like for me.

I don’t know how we will afford to live in Oakland past these next 2-3 months.
I don’t know how the church plant will launch and what it will grow into.
I don’t know what the future for Slojoy Coffee looks like and how it will grow into a self-sustainable business. 

I don’t know.
BUT, I do know.

You see, although I don’t know what shape it will all take, I have a vision that I am hoping for, praying towards and grinding out. I can’t tell you what it will look like in 3 weeks but I can tell you what I am desiring to see and working to make a reality. I have a preferred future, a desired reality that is driving me forward into the unknown. It helps me to figure out what steps are needed, what resources are required, what decisions are necessary.

I am not in control of the circumstances around me (Say that out loud to yourself). I am not in control of what other people do or don’t do. The only thing I have control over is how efficient I will work, how hard I will grind, how long I will endure under pressure. I have control over my mind, my character, my emotions, my alignment with Jesus and His will and Kingdom. I may not be the most talented entrepreneur, the best coffee roaster, the most brilliant business owner, the most gifted leader and pastor, but I know one thing, I will strive to not be out-worked or out-hustled. I will fight to remain humble, hungry and focused. This mindset has to come with the territory, it has to come with the vision. If you are passionate about what you are doing and what you see in the future, you will be resolved to put in the work needed to make it a reality. You will begin to take responsibility for the things you once neglected and devalued. If your vision speaks to something bigger than yourself, you will begin to fight for it at the times when you once eased up and let go. 

But please don’t get it twisted, it’s not always about what you can create and build and grow. Your focus needs to be on your faithfulness, your constant striving and endurance when things aren’t growing, aren’t moving forward and aren’t working out. That is when it counts. That is when your vision kicks in and becomes not only the hope for the future but the fuel for the present. 

Here's a helpful disclaimer, it's not always glamours, neat and smooth. More often than not I question what I am really doing and the progress I am really making. I would be lying if I told you I was always 100% confident and focused. Give yourself the space to question and get frustrated. That isn't what will break you. What will break you is folding to those feelings. You are human. You will most likely screw up and make mistakes and create messes. You will certainly take a few steps back every now and then. That's okay. Just keeping pushing forward, keep believing in the vision you want to see, and more importantly, in the God who is behind and over it all. 

Catch a vision for your family, yourself, your city, your job, your future.
Stay aligned with Jesus and the Kingdom.
Grind. Grind. Grind.