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Hope On Election Day

Christopher StitesComment
Hope On Election Day

Today is November 7th, 2016 - the the last day before America heads to the polls to cast their vote for what has been an unprecedented and shocking election year. It has flooded our headlines and filled our social media posts like no other election has in our history. 

Enthusiastic is probably not a common stated feeling for most Americans as they walk into the polls tomorrow. If anything, as a whole, people are leaning more on the side of being dissatisfied, frustrated and hopeless than inspired and expectant. Most of the people I talk to or hear from are just ready for it to be over - as if they are more eager to see the finish line than to celebrate a winner (my does that make a statement about this past year). It certainly has been one for the books.

I see the grey clouds over peoples heads and I can feel the angst; it's thick and permeable. But this chapter is nothing new in the narrative of this world. This sort of disarray drips off the pages of history; repeating itself over and over again. Rather than having it push you into frustration or divisiveness, allow it to lift your head and stir your heart towards Jesus!

Here are three things that should bring you HOPE tomorrow...

1. Yes, the candidates running for President are flawed, but don't forget that we have a perfectly good King that is ruling and reigning over every nation. 

The quality of our lives here in this country are not dictated by the character of our leaders. We serve a King who is the source of love, justice, righteousness and mercy. Jesus is the perfect leader because He judges fairly, rules justly, leads lovingly and cares for His people deeply. Your preferred Presidential candidate will never be able to give you what Jesus offers - so stop looking to them for it. Turn your gaze to Jesus, the true and good ruler, who is over all things, all nations and all people!

2. Yes, our governmental system is broken, but this is not our home or country - for we are citizens of a better and lasting Kingdom, one that is void of all corruption, pain and sin.

I'm sure you know by now that the country we live in, although a blessing for many reasons, is filled with corruption, racism, hatred and greed. It's not just the people who are flawed, the systems are equally as dysfunctional. But do not lose hope Christian, this is not your home. You are and will be even more a part a perfect nation and city, one that will be totally and absolutely void of all tears, death, mourning and pain. People are thirsty and hungry for something better than what they are seeing and experiencing - let's help them taste the beauty of a better Kingdom. 

3. Yes, a majority of Americans will be discouraged and unhappy tomorrow evening - but don't forget that your joy is untouchable, no matter what the outcome of any circumstance. 

Many people will be saddened by the outcome of this election. Christian, never forget that the state of your happiness / joy is invincible. Not because you are so strong to guard it and maintain it, but because it's true source is in the unchanging and infinite - Jesus. You have more reason to rejoice than anyone on this planet - you have tasted and seen the supreme beauty of God in the face of Jesus, you have been filled with His glorious Spirit, you've been adopted into His perfect family and you have been given an inheritance in Heaven for eternity that boasts of riches four million worlds could not measure up to. One election cannot outweigh an eternity of Jesus!

This election cannot touch your joy and hope.
Go out and vote, engage in the process - but don't forget your King and His Kingdom!