Belgian Waffles & The Gospel

We didn't have guitars and microphones; just forks and spoons.
Couches happened to take the place of pews and rows.
Instead of a sermon there were conversations over Belgian waffles and coffee.

Jesus said the Church is His BODY.
This has to mean that wherever we go - He goes.
Whatever we do - He does.
Whatever we say - He says.

What happened yesterday wasn't just a breakfast with our neighbors.
It was worship to Jesus. And it was Jesus pursuing His lost children.

Worshiping as a family and hearing the Bible preached is beautiful and needed for our growth. Don't mistake that - we need to be encouraged by gathering together and hearing the truth of the Scriptures. But please don't miss this - we weren't created to be Jesus' body for the sole purpose of gathering once a week. There is more to it than that. There has to be. 

Whatever Jesus has done to us, he now wants to do through us to others!
That is what it means to be HIS BODY; we are connected as one family with God as our Father and we are, together, a tangible expression of what Jesus is like to the world.

This isn't about people applauding us. It's about people seeing Jesus.
Jesus' plan is for people to experience what life can be like in His kingdom through His body, the Church. We want people to see how forgiving Jesus is by how we forgive when we are sinned against. We want people to see how joyful His Kingdom is through how we celebrate and party. We want people to taste how loving Jesus is by how we care for and serve our neighbors. 

Gather with a local church - be encouraged, worship, sing, eat, sit under preaching! But know that you still have 110 hours in a week (hoping that you sleep for 8 hours) to BE the BODY, to express the goodness of Jesus and to fill every place you go with the presence of Jesus! It's not suppose to be complicated. Because we are His body and He lives in us - a simple breakfast with neighbors becomes a display of the Gospel and the Kingdom. Because Jesus fills us - a mundane carpool ride to work can turn into a display of Jesus' kindness and grace. Normal, everyday stuff becomes an opportunity for the Kingdom of Heaven to collide with this world.

Whatever Jesus has done to us, he now wants to do through us to others!

As Jeff Vanderstelt puts it "Jesus saturation - Jesus filling every place with His presence through normal, everyday people in the everyday stuff of life.

That's what we want to see in Oakland and all around the world.
Jesus saturating every nook and cranny of this world through His people.
His Spirit lives inside of you.
You aren't just a messenger of the good news - you are an expression of it!
Whether you are at a bar, in a car or sitting in section 223 at a baseball game...
Jesus is filling you so He can fill the world.
You are His body. Go saturate the world!