Small is Good

God does BIG things with small things.

5 loaves and 2 fish.
9 people moving to Oakland.

The Bible is a storybook of how God has used small, weak and broken things to build His Kingdom and renew the world. He uses things that are foolish and seemingly worthless to bring about beauty and change. He uses small conversations, brief interactions and simple gestures of kindness to display His love and truth.

The world points and laughs. They say we need bigger, brighter and better things. They say we are too small to do anything significant. They say people won't listen. They say we won't fit in. They say we will never make a real change in such a broken city. Well...they are totally right. Spot on. On point! We can't do it. Not with what we have. We have nothing. What is 9 people and a few thousand dollars in a city of 400,000 people? It's comical. Illogical. Foolishness. Impossible. 

But God dos BIG things with small things. He gets the attention and fame and glory when He makes something out of nothing. And that is exactly what He is going to have to do with us. We know we have short of nothing to offer. Just a few people with hearts riddled with sin, trying to follow Jesus and love people. It's not our job to try to make something happen. Our job is to stay faithful to Jesus. God's job is to make things happen. And when He does, He will be the one getting the praise...not us!

Here's to watching God do what He does best!