Who is my neighbor?

Who is my neighbor?

"But he, desiring to justify himself, said to Jesus, 'And who is my neighbor?'"

It's a brilliantly sad question.
It's a deeply loaded question.
It's a question, with no surprise, Jesus had a disturbing answer to.
Well, disturbing at least to the man asking the question.
Maybe even a bit disturbing to us if we were honest.

Jesus' answer was something most of us are likely familiar with.
The parable of the Good Samaritan.
You can read it for yourself in Luke 10.
What is important to know is what Jesus emphasizes.
Our neighbor is the person who we cross paths with.
Moreover, our neighbor is the person we feel like passing by.

We want to ask who because we don't want to love everybody.
But Jesus doesn't leave room for that.
The neighbor we’re called to love is often the one we didn't choose.
That convicts me and deeply challenges me.
On default, I want to love people who I choose; people like me.
Jesus takes away our qualifiers and disarms our disclaimers.

Who is my neighbor, we ask.
The person in front of you, Jesus replies.
How am I supposed to love them, we ask.
Love them like you would love yourself, Jesus replies.

And so being a good neighbor is more than a mere suggestion.
It is the natural outflow of someone being saved by Jesus.
It is the expected avenue of social impact in this world.
It is the horizontal equivalent of loving God.
It is how Jesus lived among us, as a good neighbor.

You don't have to start a political party..
You don't have to lead a mega-church..
You don't have to be in the spotlight..
You don't have to be an extreme extrovert..
..to make an impact!

Being neighborly is about showing mercy to those around you.
Going out of your way to love people.
Making room at your dinner table.
Prioritizing kindness over comfort.
Listenening longer than you are used to.
Practically serving those in your path.
Being hospitable when you want to isolate yourself.

This is how change happens.
And it is my desire to make this site a resource to you.
A source of encouragement, a source of stories, a source of hope.
There will be a stream of interviews, blogs and videos.
All helping us become better neighbors in a broken world.
I am learning and doing right with you.

Cheers to this adventure of being neighborly,