You Are Invited!

You Are Invited!

It's so easy to talk about cool stuff and never do any of it.
But that's not the way Jesus want's us to live.
Knowing the good that we should do doesn't count for much.
At least not if we don't do anything about it.

Jesus doesn't want you to have a PhD in loving others.
He's wants you to have a full-time job in it.

It's easy to write blogs on how to be a good neighbor.
It's different to reach out, open doors, serve people.

We mentioned this a few blogs ago...
We are going to be opening up our house regularly.
We know we have to lead our hearts toward this direction.
My natural bent is comfort and selfishness.
This open door doesn't allow me to be those things.
This open door leads my heart to love people.

We want to create an open door for others to come through.
To share a meal together. To make new friends.
To become better friends. To love one another.

So you are invited to our little apartment.

This Thursday, June 14.
Slide through anytime between 5-8.
We'll have a main dish and some seats ready for you.
Don't really know us? All good. Stop by anyways.
Feel free to bring a friend or a side-dish.
Or neither. All good either way :)

We can't wait to hang and eat with you!
And we hope this encouraged you to do something similar.
To reach out, to open your home, to be a good neighbor. 

If you are planning to drop by, let us know.

Need our address?
Hit us up on Facebook :)