Seize the Summer

Seize the Summer


Vacations. Road trips. Traveling.
Amusement Parks. Beach days.
It's usually a time to get away.
A time to push pause for a few moments.
A time for exploring and new adventures.

I love the season, the weather and all it brings.
I love the memories I've made.
And I am sure you do as well.

But I notice that we can be pretty protective of it.
We can hold pretty tightly to the hours and days.
Thinking if we don't get our perfect family vacation in...
If we don't visit all the places we wanted to visit...
If we don't do what we want to do for ourselves...
That we somehow messed up and missed out.

I want to look at Summer differently.
With new eyes. New perspective.

Instead of seeing this unique season with a "How can I get the most out of it for me" mentality I want to see it through the lens of "How can I leverage this season to bless others". I want to approach the Summer with the aim to give more than I consume, to invest in loving instead of indulge in luxury

If we were honest, I think many of us are afraid of committing to do this because if we do, we fear we will lose our time to rest and retreat, to push pause and take care of ourselves. We fear we will miss out on having fun.

But that is a false dichotomy.
It's incorrect to pit taking care of yourself against loving others.
You have to love yourself and care for your soul.
But you also have to make sure you are loving well.
Not just when its cheap and easy.

And sometimes, most of the time, that means putting others above yourself.
Most of the time, it means giving up a luxury to love someone.
But isn't that usually the price tag of real love?
It costs us something.
But it also rewards greatly.

I am not saying that you should feel guilty for taking trips and resting.
Do it! You need it. God commands us to rest and Sabbath.
Enjoy it and don't feel guilty doing so. 

What I am saying is to re-imagine how you see your time.
Re-focus what you see as highest priorities this summer.
Re-commit to using what you have been given to bless others.

Yes, God might just be calling you to say no to a luxury in order to love.
It is shocking to our American dream.
It is not shocking to the Gospel.

How will you use these months to love your neighbors?
How will you use your money to love your neighbors?
How will you use your home to love your neighbors?
How will you use your table to love your neighbors?
How will you use your time-off to love your neighbors? 

What might you say no to in order to be a better neighbor?

Rest well and love well this summer!

Leave a comment of some ways you can do this yourself this summer!