Way of Life

Hospitality is not a suggestion.
At least not for the Christian.

When you hear about it you may think of some peripheral thing.
Some vague, generic thing that nice people do when they have time.
Some calculated and scheduled dinner event planned with friends.
But it's not painted like that in the Bible.

Hospitality is not just reserved for those who have the time.
Hospitality is not just for people with big homes.
Hospitality is not for those who have the extra money.
Hospitality is not a once-a-quarter programmed event.
Hospitality is not optional.
It's a way of life for the person who is following Jesus.

Why is it important to make this distinction?
Because if we don't, we settle for our default.
And our default, at least mine, is not naturally hospitable.
It's shallow conversations and cheap love.
It's easy living and convenient choices.
We make this distinction because Christians must work towards it.
I must lead myself to be about it or my heart won't be in it.

Read over these few verses and see for yourself...

"Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality."
Romans 12:13

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers,
for thereby some have entertained angels unawares."

Herbews 13:2

"Show hospitality to one another without grumbling."
1 Peter 4:9

This really is a thing in the life of a Christian.
It should be so real in our lives that we feel the joy of it.
It should be so real that we feel the cost of it.

Our hearts have tasted and seen the greatest hospitality.
We have been recipients of the greatest act of selfless love and kindness.
We know what it looks like.
We know how costly it is. 
We know how good it feels. 
We know what it did to our hearts.
We know how it changed our destinies

Don't minimize it.
Don't overlook it.
Let's reciprocate it. 

Your hospitality is a way to make known and felt the love of God.
Known and felt to a world that doesn't know what that love feels like.
Doesn't know what that love looks like.
Many don't even know if that kind of love exists.
Let's show them it does. 
Let's make it a way of life.