Being a better neighbor in a broken world.


Hello, my name is Christopher and I want to be a better neighbor.

It's been steady on my heart over the last few years to help encourage and equip Christians to engage the world they live in as missionaries. It's why we left our home in Martinez to move to Oakland and it's why I created this resource.

Because of Jesus, Christians should be some of the most hospitable, kind, generous, welcoming and loving people around. We should be good neighbors to the people that cross our paths, share our streets and border our cubicles.

I hope this blog encourages and equips you to become a better neighbor in this broken world; to open your door to strangers and friends, to share meals often, to listen well, to care deeply, to serve sacrificially and to love more and more like Jesus - without boundaries or barriers.

Cheers to being neighborly,

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